Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Singing Voice Part 1 - What's "good" singing?

Let's be clear on the distiction between good voice and good singing. Anyone can learn to use their voice correctly, and end up with a great sound. But not everyone can carry a song well... That is a matter of personality and that indefinable X-factor.

So with a voice teacher you are working on you voice. Sure a good voice teachers will address some performance issues, but will be mainly concerned to improve vocal function.

Now that we have distinguished between voice and singing skills, we can again ask "What's good voice?"

First a word about what good voice is NOT: it is not a style or a sound, a limitation or a loss of individuality.

Good voice enables:

  • A large vocal range compassing around 2-3 octaves
  • An even, clear sound over the whole vocal range, with no gaps, breaks or changes of quality.
    The ability to move from a quiet to a louder sound at any point in the range, with clear, even sustain and vibrato as desired.
  • The ability to use a wide variety of timbres from hard to soft evenly throughout the range.
  • A voice that is healthy and easily produced allowing the singer to undertake extended rehearsal and performance without strain.

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