Thursday, June 21, 2007

Band Coaching at Voxbox

New band project at Voxbox
Our neo-soul band project Camden Soul has "gone solo" and is now an independent band called Lady Soul. Catch them on

So time for a new in-house band project: I am just floating this as in idea to see how much interest comes back.

I know several students, and I am sure there are a few more, who are working on their instruments as well as on their singing. It seems to me there is a need for a rehearsal-band in which people can develop their skills and gain experience.

How it will work
Unlike in Camden Soul where I played keyboards, I would remain in a tutor role to help each person in the band with their technique and more especially with the whole process of working in an ensemble situation...

Getting a sound
Balancing in the mix
Dealing with equipment and monitoring
Working out parts
Rehearsal procedures
General instrumental & vocal instruction
Songs are chosen in turn by members, so there would be a variety of styles which would be a good thing for everyone. Some people may bring original material, some may bring covers.

The aim is not to create a performing band, but to train you into being confident and able in a band situation. You will need a basic playing ability on your instrument to start with. The group will suit songwriters puzzling about how to move forward with getting on-stage, singers who realise that their chances of getting in a band are much higher if they can play an instrument as well, and anyone trying to get in a band but needing some general experience and pointers about how it all works... or just wanting to improve their band skills. The best thing about Camden Soul was watching how rapidly people developed from students into real singers... so many of the ex-CS singers are now in bands, starting bands or otherwise working on a higher level.

The cost would be based on my standard lesson fee split between members of the group... £20 per 2 hour session seems about right.

My band-playing & instrumental teaching
I am a pro-standard guitar player and have had many guitar students over the years. I am particularly focussed on building practical band-playing guitar skills in the quickest possible way, and have a great system for teaching in this way. I can also turn my hand to bass guitar too if need be. I currently have one guitar student and one bass student.

Although not much of a pianist, I have a good knowledge of stage & studio keyboard playing and synth programming.

I started my musical life as a drummer for several years and although rusty as a player can coach drumming in ensemble.

Weekly sessions would be on Sundays, probably 4 - 6 subject to discussion among interested parties.

If any of you are interested in meeting weekly in a tutored rehearsal band situation, let me know.

Leon Berrangé

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