Monday, June 04, 2007

Training the voice Pt 1

Vocal function

If you don't understand some of the terms used in this article, first read the article "Glossary & Terms " (Coming soon!)

To achieve good voice, the singer needs to achieve the following 5 goals:
  • Ensure strong cord closure in chest voice
  • Maintain cord closure through all the bridges
  • Create a clear, vertically oriented resonant space in the pharynx.
  • Maintain the resonant space unaffected through all the bridges
  • Ensure that the resonant space is always perfectly tuned to the pitch being produced by the cords.

Conventional singing teachers will simply work with the voice that the singer walks in with, and tailor repertoire to suit. They may try to improve general vocal fitness, but will very rarely try to modify basic vocal function.
SLS teachers take a quite different approach. We constantly analyse and improve vocal function to move towards the five goals set out above.
The tools we use are very specific and affect the function of the muscles of the vocal tract at the basic neuro-muscular level, to obtain the ideal air-muscle balance. At the same time we work on the vowels to perfect resonance.
The next article in this series is in the form of an audio file, so that you can hear examples and try some simple exercises yourself.
The best way to find out more is of course to tale a lesson with a SLS teacher.

Some people do some or all of the above naturally, without thinking about it. Lucky few! By far the majority of people have to work hard to master these techniques.

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